You’ve reached the web site for writer/director Liz Lachman. Hi there!

OK- so this is where I’m keeping all of my stuff these days (who has time for My Space???) So hang out, watch some of my work, look at fun pics or take the pop sex quiz! See how much entertainment can be gotten all in one place?

There are a few things on the burner right now, including two screenplays moving toward production: "Being Silver" and "Pin Up." And I recently co-wrote and directed the first nine minutes of a pilot for TV - "My Insignificant Other" starring Elizabeth Keener (from my short film, "Getting To Know You" and The L Word) and Susan Duerden, a smashing Brit.

Also you can check out the spoof videos I directed for Marie Osmond on Dancing With the Stars. We had a blast doing these videos, and Entertainment Tonight evidently agreed, because they aired them! Very fun experience, and once again, got to work with my favorite actors…dolls. (that’s all I’m saying about it…)

So get ready, strap in (I said IN not ON... I can see I'm not the only very bad dog out there) and enjoy!


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